Gambling and Alcoholism: An Addict’s Perspective

Like alcoholism, the current wave of gambling addiction is considered a disease. Yet, like alcohol and drug addiction, there is still a mindset in our society that it is a battle of wills, rather than an affliction that makes a person powerless to its driving nature. Certainly alcoholism has become recognized as a debilitating disease given the wealth of recovery available to those needing help. on alcoholism.

I have had the fortune, or in some circles of thought the misfortune of experiencing both diseases in my life. I would say fortune because the outcome of my recovery today, has led me down a far saner path than when I was consumed by each addiction. However, gambling brought about the misfortune that wreaked havoc upon my life until recently. The manner towards which I fell into action playing texas-holdem online was quite similar to the pattern and level of out of control behavior that brought me to understand my powerlessness to alcohol and drugs.

I was so addicted to both that there came a point when I could not even think of life without these two for company as I had gone through various hardships that Slot Online Terpercaya and Scotch and rum were the only two lifelines left.

Several months after my drinking had ceased, I discovered gambling to be an outlet for my desire to escape my reality. Known as cross addiction whereby the addict’s unsatisfied need to find gratification latches onto a new self-destructive path. I was well into a serious addiction to gambling within months and the similarities were quite haunting; my priorities changed, my job became secondary to my habit, my family suffered the most, and we nearly lost our home to financial ruin. I remember initially believing that gambling would be a way to recoup our financial losses due to poor money management and the damages my drinking had caused. However, soon into the lifestyle, I began to simply enjoy gambling, without a care about anything but getting back into a game and letting the hours fly bath with little regard for the outcome. Gambling became an easy escape from my daily stressors.

An alcoholic in full practice will sacrifice all that is important in their lives for that last drink before bar-time, or that last bottle in the fridge or liquor cabinet. The compelling nature of drinking brought me to my knees on several occasions until finally through consequence I was able to recognize my life was out of control. I realized that everyone around me was far more aware of my drinking problem than even I was able to see. The alcoholic is naturally the last person to accept their disease. The evidence became obvious in my occasional staggering posture, slurring words, morning hangovers, all specific signs of an alcoholic going over the deep end. My life unraveled until I eventually acknowledged my powerlessness.

How might it then be possible to fall right into a new addiction as a gambler? The similarities have been described in the insidious nature of the disease and its ability to mask our values and motivations. Everything I did and thought about for the next seven months while drawn to my addiction, became geared around getting into a game of poker. I refused to see the similarities when my wife would plead to me that she could see where I was headed. I ignored her, and in the full swing of the addiction, ignored my children as well.

However, the difference I’ve found with gambling versus alcoholism is it was far easier to hide the habit. My finances inevitably revealed the chaos, but until that became exposed, I could face a co-worker, family member, counselor without the typical physical features that follow alcoholic behavior. The loneliness that occurred became more threatening than with my alcoholism. There was no one I could speak to while in the throes of my behavior. I felt lonely when drinking; however, there at least I could share my miseries with other practicing alcoholics. They knew what I was going through, and we shared many blaming festivals together. With gambling, I was alone, and the deeper my obsession became, the more my insanity increased until suicide nearly became a single option. If not for the fortunate support of my family, I may not be writing this essay today.

Thus, I am a fortunate addict. I have withstood the maelstrom that both alcohol and gambling brought into my life. There is always hope for someone that would like to recover from these unmerciful diseases. Today, with a solid recovery program, I look at the nature of my illness and express gratitude towards God, my family and the valuable people in my life that share the same goals of recovery as do I. I thank God for giving me a second chance to live my life more wholly.

In closing, I have concerns for young people whom are using the casino as a rite of passage as they turn eighteen and become young adults. The fight for recognition and prideful behavior will drive the addict in all of us towards the perils of doom. It is important that our lives remain open and honest to those around us so not to be swept over by these terrible addictions. Help is available in our communities and our homes if we choose to accept our need to move away from our selfish needs and become open to our ability to live normal healthy lives without the driving force of addiction to mask our realities.