Excalibur Poker Room Exceeds Expectatations

In a Las Vegas poker scene that is actively trying to become more modern, one casino is still taking it back to the old school. The poker room at the Excalibur is a place where they value the quality of poker play over any of those exterior comforts. While it is certainly not in the upper echelon of poker rooms on the strip or in the entire city of Las Vegas, the room at the Excalibur Casino has some very good qualities. What they lack in expensive or lavish comforts, they more than make up for in great service from just about all of their staff members. www.ufabet will provide you with a complete review of their services and offers so that you can se for yourself how amazing this poker room is. 

The management at the Excalibur poker room is the first reason to be excited about playing a game there. They seem to always be friendly and equipped with information and smiling faces. They keep a wealth of information and manage to still stay organized in their assignment of tables. While the relatively small size of their poker room presents certain problems in the way of seating, they do not try to lie in order to cover it up. When you come to the Excalibur to play poker, they will tell you exactly how long the wait is going to be. From there, they seem to do their best to find a game for waiting players in a hurry.

This attitude in the management extends to the friendly cocktail waitress staff. Though they have a pretty easy job with the small room, they make sure to keep all of the players with full drinks and happy faces. The cocktail waitresses are fairly good looking on the whole and they make it their business to remember previous orders from the poker players.

As far as poker play goes, players will enjoy a good amount of space in this room. The management understands comfort and tries not to keep a cramped poker room. As with a lot of smaller poker rooms, there is a need for an upgrade in the quality of their poker equipment. The tables are a little bit old by Las Vegas standards and many could use some new felt. In general, nothing in this poker room will blow players away in the way of quality of physical beauty.

There is generally a good mix of players at this casino. Though sometimes the play can be very weak, this room is beginning to attract more experienced players. This room is known throughout Las Vegas as a great place for beginners to try their game out in a real casino. In many games, including the popular $1/$3 no-limit game, there is a limit to the number of raises that a player can make. This helps novice players to not lose their entire stack in a single hand when they may make a simple mistake. Some of these rules are a turn-off to veteran players, who would rather take their advanced play elsewhere.

The Excalibur does its best to make poker a fun experience for the Las Vegas traveler. They market their casino to the new poker players and do a great job of getting those players into the room. If you are a player who likes to prey on the new meat, then sets your aim on this casino. Don’t expect to be blown away, but most players leave this casino as a satisfied winner.