There’s Always a Game Going at the Luxor Poker Room

One of the most efficient poker rooms in Las Vegas belongs to the fine folks at the Luxor and Jasabola. Though it won’t blow away players in any aspect, it does enough things right to keep them coming back for more. The best thing about the Luxor is that I never have trouble getting a game when I head there. Even on a busy weekend, the Luxor staff always seems able to put together a good game. If you are looking for a consistent, comfortable, and somewhat old-school approach, then this is a good casino.

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At the Luxor, they don’t seem to take technology very seriously, though. The fine folks have neglected to add any new televisions to the poker room, opting for the old school screens that offer something much less than high definition. Because of this, many of the folks who are looking to multi-task and watch a game while playing a game often avoid the Luxor. Still, without those modern comforts, the folks at the Luxor are able to keep players satisfied. The room is fairly large in comparison to the rest of the casino, but it rarely fills up. It can get a little bit uncomfortable at times, but I’ve never sat in at a Luxor table that seemed to be cramped. The tables and chairs are only moderately comfortable. They didn’t leave a lasting impression.

At the Luxor poker room, competition is pretty normal as compared to other low-limit poker rooms in Las Vegas. The most popular game is the $1/$2 no-limit game and the highest limit regular game is the $2/$4 no-limit game. Depending on when you decide to stop in, you could get any different level of player quality.

The dealers and cocktail waitresses at the Luxor are about what you might expect from a poker room of their quality. They are good, but not too good. If they were any better, they’d be working at the Wynn or the Bellagio. They just do their job well and go about their business. I found a couple of dealers to be engaging, but the rest seemed to keep to their own business. That was alright, though, as they kept mistakes to a minimum.

For an average poker experience in a city full of above-average poker rooms, head out to the Luxor. The best thing about the room is that there’s always a game going on. The same cannot be said for many of the rooms along the Strip. You won’t be blown away, but they might give you a good enough time to keep you coming back for more.