Tribalwars Online Game Review with Tips

Tribalwars is a middle aged browser game set in the middle ages. The main aim of it is to become powerful and destroy all other players apart from your tribes. You need to earn points and build troops to become the best. But watch out, other players can attack you and steal your resources, so make sure you have enough troops to defend yourself with! You can also attack them and steal their stuff.

You start off with a village and it is low points. Depending on the game world in which you start, it varies, but usually it is around 40 points. You have many different buildings you can upgrade, but to start, you should upgrade your resource camps and your warehouse so you can continue to upgrade things. There are three different types of resources, iron, clay and wood, and these are what you need to upgrade your buildings. Once you have an adequate level of resources you can start building troops. These can be used to raid abandoned villages( villages not owned by a player) or villages owned by a player. You can use the plunder to upgrade things in your own villages.

When you progress in the game, and start wiping players near you out, you can take there villages over. To do this you need an academy. In the academy you educate a nobleman. This is a very expensive troops that can reduce the players loyalty. Once the loyalty is reduced to 0 from 100 that village becomes yours, and you will have two villages to your name!

You can use the second village to get another academy and more noblemen and continue to take over more and more villages. Some players have been known to accumulate over 1000 villages!

You can be two types of player, and it depends on what type of troops you decide to build. An offensive player decides to build lots of cavalry and axe men, whereas a defence player builds archers and spear fighters with a strong base of swordsmen.

When joining a tribe you must make sure that the other members are close to you and you can call on them to support you when you get attacked. The best way to join the right tribe is to look in rankings gt; gt;continent tribes and then pick the highest one in your continent. The things the recruiters hate hearing is “gimme an invite” Believe me, I have run a tribe and I just ignore these kind of invites. Sell yourself. You need to write a list of experience on previous worlds or your best skills in tribal wars. Many tribes request that you be account sat so they ca check your troops count.

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