Are You Familiar With The Domino QQ Online?

Domino QQ is also known as Qui Qiu to others or Domino Indo to others. It is a popular poker game that is very popular in Indonesia. Domino QQ online and pai gow, which is a Chinese gambling game, are closely related. Players might find it challenging to get the hang of the game, but once the player achieves that, it becomes addictive and fun. The games’ rules are given below to help in understanding how the game works, and its gameplay.

Rules of Domino QQ

The game is played with 28 double-six dominoes. In Indonesia, the dominoes usually are small cards that are thrown away after a short period as they signalize wear and play, unlike in the US. All players have to contribute to something in the pot, depending on where they are playing. When all the players have put their bets in the pot, each particular player is given three dominoes. When everyone has looked at their dominoes, there is one option among four to be done.

During the first round, if only one person bets, the winning pot is taken without showing their hands. If there was more than one person, each of the people who did not fold will deal a fourth card. Once that card is dealt with, the final round of betting takes place. On most occasions, both series have a betting limit with the second round having a higher betting limit. At the end of the final round, all players who did not file usually show their hands, and the person with the highest or best side takes the winning pot.

Hands That Give a Higher Score

Three hands will provide a score higher than that of a 9s pair.

  • High- all accumulative pips on four dominoes are 38 or higher.
  • Low- all accumulative pips on four dominoes are nine or below.
  • Double- 4 dominoes with doubles.