My First Trip to the Casino in Cherokee, North Carolina

A friend and I decided to visit Cherokee, North Carolina. Our plans were to visit Harrah’s Casino, try 우리카지노, and do a little motorcycle riding around the town. We chose to stay in a town really close to Cherokee called Maggie Valley. Cherokee is a dry county (doesn’t sell alcohol) and we thought we may want to have a few drinks after dinner. That is why we chose Maggie Valley. We stayed at a cute little family-owned motel. The price of the room was good and it was only about $50.00 a night. Most of the hotels in that area were around that price, so I won’t rave about how good of a deal we got in the room.

We arrived around 3 pm on a Friday and it was a beautiful day. We hadn’t eaten lunch and we were starving. My friend brought his Harley Davidson with him and we quickly put our motorcycle gear on and jumped on the bike to get a late lunch. We decided to ride down to Cherokee and let me tell you… the motorcycle ride down there was awesome. It takes a few minutes to get to the town from Maggie Valley, but I really didn’t mind. I was on the back of a shiny, loud, and rumbling Harley Davidson! One of the ways to get to Cherokee from Maggie Valley is through the town of Maggie Valley and then up a mountain and back down. The scenery is beautiful the entire way. Everybody waves at each other and smiles. It seems to be a really laid back area.

There was not a big selection of restaurants when we arrived in Cherokee. I only saw a few restaurants and I will describe them as “Mom and Pop” places. We ended up stopping at a little buffet. We got there right before they were about to switch over to dinner. We realized that when we saw that the customers eyeing the staff and food bar. We ended up getting a little lunch and dinner on that deal. I guess about 4 pm is a good time to visit a buffet in Cherokee.

I had never been to a casino before and my experience at Harrah’s was decent. I expected a bunch of high rollers throwing dice and people yelling and screaming at all the money they were winning. Instead, I saw a sea of slot machines when I first entered the doors. There were quite a few black-jack tables in the back and I tried my hand at one of those tables. That was the quickest $20.00 I have ever spent. Most everything was electronic. I didn’t see a single real playing card the entire visit. Everything was on some sort of screen. The poker tables even had electronic dealers. That took most of the fun out of it. Alcohol could have added a little bit of excitement to the place, but again Cherokee is a dry county. No alcohol allowed. There were even cocktail waitresses in the casino, but nothing exciting on their trays.

All in all, it was an okay trip. I think the next time we are up in that area, we should limit the casino visit to half an hour and spend the rest of our time on the bike. I know there must have been some lovely places outdoors to visit, and I regret not having the time to explore more.