The Selu Garden Cafe At Harrah’s Cherokee Casino And Hotel In Cherokee, North Carolina

Many locals visit Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel not to gamble, but to eat. The Harrah’s Cherokee Casino is almost synonymous to the popularity of the situs judi casino online which makes it a star centre of interest for many. Harrah’s Cherokee Casino and Hotel offers delicious food for every taste. One of their lovely restaurants is the Selu Garden Café. This particular restaurant is located in the hotel of the Harrah’s Cherokee property and features a variety of different dishes.

Before I get into the review of the Selu Garden Café, I would like to take some time to tell you who Selu was. When you first enter the Harrah’s property, you will see a large statue of a beautiful woman. This is Selu. According to Cherokee legend, Selu was the first woman. The Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians believe this in the way that people descended from Europe believe that Eve was the first woman. Selu is also known as the “The Corn Woman” and it is believed that we have her to thank for our supply of corn. In a future article, I will discuss this legend more fully, but for now on with the review.

Atmosphere and Service

Upon entering the Selu Garden Café, me and my boyfriend were greeted by a friendly hostess who had a welcoming smile. We were given the choice between a booth or a table in the smoking or non-smoking section. We were seated immediately and our server arrived shortly after. She too was very friendly and talkative. We were immediately at ease. We ordered our drinks and then had time to go over the menu and enjoy the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the Selu Garden Café is incredibly peaceful. The Selu Garden Cafe, like the entire hotel, is decorated in a Native American theme. This not only makes the restaurant beautiful, but it’s very relaxing as well. I could honestly fall asleep in the Selu Garden Café, but then I would miss all the wonderful food.

The Meal


We started our meal with cheese fries and were shocked when they brought out a serving big enough to feed at least 4 people. This was an amazing deal when you consider that this wonderful appetizer only cost $5.99. The seasoned fries were topped with loads of cheddar cheese, bacon, green onions, and pieces of fresh tomato. Don’t feel like cheese fries? That’s fine. The Selu Garden Café offers a wide variety of appetizers including beer battered onion rings, chicken fingers, and other tempting treats. All of these appetizers are very affordable. The only downside I noticed was that they didn’t have a sampler plate that came with a variety of different appetizers.

The Main Course

The Selu Garden Café offers something for everyone. Me and my boyfriend actually had a hard time choosing something to eat. Many of the choices seemed to call our name, but eventually we made up our minds. My boyfriend chose a smokehouse burger with fries, while I chose the fried fish hoagie with fries. The burger was topped with red onion, bacon, cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato with mayonnaise on the side. My fried fish hoagie came on a toasted hoagie roll with lettuce and two pieces of fried fish and tarter sauce on the side. Our main course at the Selu Garden Café was wonderful, but it was nothing compared to the dessert.


By the time we had fished our meal, we were both too stuffed to polish off a whole dessert, so we decided to split one. The server brought us the dessert menu and let me tell you, the Selu Garden Café offers several wonderful desserts. On the menu you will find everything from chocolate cake to an apple raisin tart. But, we decided to choose the Orange Dream Cheesecake. The dessert arrived on a gorgeous plate decorated with raspberry sauce and whipped cream. It was almost too pretty to eat…..almost. The cheesecake was on a graham cracker crust and the bottom layer was an orange cheesecake, while the top was a swirled mixture of plain and orange cheesecake. With the first bite, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. If you love Creamsicles, you will love this cheesecake. All of the desserts were priced under $5, making the Selu Garden Café the perfect place to pop into if you just want a quick dessert.

All and all, the Selu Garden Café is a wonderful restaurant. The Selu Garden Café offers wonderful food at affordable prices. Many of their entrees range in price from $5 to $15 dollars. Our meal total was only around $30. I do have to warn you that if you want alcohol, you will have to eat somewhere else. None of the restaurants in Cherokee offer alcoholic beverages, because the Cherokee Reservation is dry. Still, this is a restaurant worth visiting, whether you plan on gambling or not. One thing is for sure, your meal will not be a gamble when you eat at the Selu Garden Café.