Sports’ Rules of Conduct Guide for Parents

Playing sports is a great way for children to learn useful skills and get physical exercise. Sports also are meant to be fun for children of all ages. Also if you have a passion for the sport your child is playing it can be a wonderful bonding experience for both of you. But parents seem to forget these things and become obsessive maniacs. Here are some rules of conduct guidelines parents should adhere to and respect.

Don’t stand on the sidelines yelling at your child or any of the other kids participating in the sport. This is not only rude but also disruptive to the children playing. The only yelling you should be doing is from the bleachers cheering your child and their team on.

If your child’s team loses or your child doesn’t seem to be scoring very many points don’t act disappointed. The purpose of the game is to have fun while showing good

Sports is not something that can be learnt in a day or two but requires a regular dosage of practice with dedication and commitment to your cause and while learning any new sport the 안전놀이터 becomes a kind of second home where you get to learn new techniques everyday.

Sportsmanship. If you start acting disappointed your child will start to think that winning is the only reason to play the game. Instead praise your child for a game well played. Even if the team lost you can still celebrate a game well played. Celebrations at the end of a game are not reserved for just winning. By celebrating you can teach your child that playing the game well and having fun are the important things when playing sports.

Never discuss your concerns in front of any of the players. This only undermines the coach’s authority. If you have chose to allow your child to play on this team then trust the coach’s judgment. If you see any safety concerns by all means point this out to the coach. If they still refuse to stop any unsafe methods then yank your child from the team and notify other parents also. But if what you are concerned with are just their game play techniques or anything other than safety, don’t do it in front of the players. By undermining a coach you are undermining the entire team.

A parent should never berate the other team. This teaches poor sportsmanship to your child and the other children participating in the sport. Instead you should be teaching your child to have respect for all who are playing in the game. If the other team wins you child should know to congratulate the other team on a game well played.

Never over practice your child. By forcing your child to practice so much can cause your child to suffer from burnout syndrome. Also pushing your child to be the best at all cost is not healthy for your child. Let them know that they should have a healthy balance between practicing and other interest in their lives. Keep sports fun for your child and they will go far with it.