Simple NHL Betting System

The NHL is not as popular as other professional leagues such as the NFL and NBA, but there are profitable wagering opportunities for those sports bettors looking to increase their winnings. Teams in the NHL play a 82 game regular season. Because of the high number of games played and the physical nature of the game, it’s virtually impossible to expect a 100% effort from every player each game. It’s also not as crucial to win each and every game as it is in other sports such at the NFL which has a 16 game regular season. A five game losing streak in the NFL could very well determine the outcome of the season for a team, but a five game losing streak for a team in the NHL can easily be overcome because of the amount of games played.

With this in mind, you never really know when a hockey team is going to bring their “A” game or just show up and go through the motions. As a result, picking the winner of an individual game becomes a challenging task. The team you choose to bet on may seem like the right choice for various reasons, but there is always a good chance that they could lay an egg. To take the headache out of picking the winner of an individual game, I would like to share a simple betting system with you. With situs judi online it would be really easy for you to learn about the basics of sports betting. You can easily learn the art of betting thereby increasing you chances of winning manifold.

System: There’s No Place Like Home

In this system, you want to find situations where a good team with a high home winning percentage is on a 3 or 4 game home-stand. Good hockey teams are usually those teams that have an overall winning percentage and a home winning percentage above 57%. It’s a fact that good teams usually play well at home or on the road, but good teams usually play even better in front of their home crowd. It’s highly unlikely that a good home team will lose 3 or 4 homes games in a row. You also want to make sure that the home team has won at least 5 of their previous 10 games. By doing this, it allows you to eliminate teams that may be going through a minor slump.

The key to this system is to find good teams on a home-stand that are currently playing well. You should not be too concerned about the records for the visiting teams during the home-stand, but it’s always a better idea if a majority of the visiting teams have an overall winning percentage and a road winning percentage below 50%. The key here is to match good home teams with bad road teams.

By following this system, you are betting that the home team will win at least one game in the series. If the home team loses game 1 of the series then you need to double your wager on game 2. If the home team loses game 2 then you need to take your losses from game 1 and 2 and double your wager on game 3. Once the home team wins a game, you stop betting and move on to the next qualifying series. There are no guarantees or “locks” in sports betting so you need to make sure your bankroll is large enough to sustain a situation where the home team loses all three games of the series. As I said before though, this is highly unlikely if you pick your match-ups carefully.

You have to use some discretion at times though. If the home team has a lot of injured players or if they are going through a minor slump then you may want to stay away from them until they start playing at a high level again. It’s best to begin playing this system in November and stop playing it at the end of March. In you begin in November instead of October then you have given the good teams enough time to establish themselves. You want to end the system at the end of March because by this time many of the good teams have clinched a spot in the post-season and they don’t have an incentive to play as well. I also would advise that you only play a 3 game series since a 4 game series can become very costly if you lose the fourth game of the series.