Play online poker in the Dominican Republic

When you live in the Dominican Republic, your ability of playing at a specific poker room/website depends on the terms and conditions of the poker site. The good news is that if you are a citizen of the USA, you have more choices while being in the Dominican Republic than you have at home. The same goes for citizens of countries like France, Italy, Canada and many others.

You do not have to use second-rate, shady poker rooms that operate offshore. Those rooms have widely been known for “having issues” (to put it mildly) when it comes to paying out your winnings. Also, the player volume and table choice for those rooms is naturally rather poor.

By the way, if you are looking for an all-round solution for all your gambling needs, we recommend Bet365 (click here to visit) – they have the best sports betting platform, an award-winning online casino and a great poker room!

Normally, if you are a citizen of the USA, rooms like Pokerstars, situs judi bola or Bet365 (those are the most recommendable poker sites in the World) will not accept you. As soon as you try to create a player account giving your US address, you will be blocked. Actually, just trying to access the websites and gaming servers of Pokerstars, Bet365 and most other poker sites will not work from the United States, since you can be identified as being in the USA by virtue of your IP address.

Now you could alter your IP address (we will later explain how to do that), give a fake postal address and sign up anyway. But now you will encounter another insurmountable obstacle – you cannot deposit money because your US credit card will not be accepted, which means you will not be able to play for real money.

Here come the good news!

Since you are now in the Dominican Republic, all those problems can be rather easily avoided. Here are the things that you have to look out for:

Your IP address should be Dominican most of the time, but watch out – some internet providers in the DR use servers based in Florida. If so, you will have the same problem like being in the US. If you use Delancer or Claro for internet, you will have a Dominican IP address – check here to be sure: By the way, if you buy a SIM card from mobile provider Claro, you can connect to Pokerstars and Bet365 as well, since Claro uses a Dominican IP for mobile online services. You do have to sign up from a PC or laptop though, and then download the mobile app and log in from there.

If your IP address is Dominican, you can go to the poker rooms website right away – here are the links that give you the maximum bonus on your first deposit:

Pokerstars –

With a $600 deposit bonus, up to 100% of your deposit – click this link to sign up with Pokerstars.

With a $600 deposit bonus, up to 100% of your deposit – Bet365 – a bonus of $100, up to 100% of your deposit, plus a $5 tournament token. Click here to visit Bet365.

 A bonus of $100, up to 100% of your deposit, plus a $5 tournament token. Click here to visit Bet365. If your IP address should still be a US address, then you need a so-called Virtual Private Network. This is a simple solution. For as little as $49 per year, you can sign up with our recommended VPN service PureVPN , quickly download a software client and add the login data that was emailed to you after signup. Then, all you have to do is start the software, choose a non-US server and connect to the VPN before you go to the website of Pokerstars or Bet365. Once you have connected to your VPN, use the bonus links above to sign up.

Since you are in the Dominican Republic, you may already have a bank account here. That means you can easily use your Dominican credit card, prepaid or bank card to deposit and withdraw money at the poker room. If you do not have a bank account yet, you should consider opening one – banks like Banco Santa Cruz or Banco de Leon are easy to work with and the account opening requires a minimal amount of documents. Avoid Banco Popular and BanReservas – they will require a huge amount of paperwork.

Other than that, you can use an eWallet provider like Skrill (formerly known as Moneybookers). Click here to visit them – they will give you no problems as long you give a Dominican address and do not try to use a US credit card to fund you account.

They will give you no problems as long you give a Dominican address and do not try to use a US credit card to fund you account. And your last option would always be to deposit and withdraw via Western Union – their offices can be found everywhere in the Dominican Republic.

One more thing: even if you already have an account at that poker room, you should create a new one with your Dominican adddress. Changing your country of residence in your existing account is a real hassle, and often the result is that due to paperwork involved, your account will be blocked for days or weeks! Make sure you use a different email address for the new account, and you cannot use the same payment method in use rfor your first account.

What will happen if I go back to my home country, can I play from there?

The simple anwer to that question is: YES! But now you definitely need that Virtual Private network. Make sure you start the VPN client and connect to a non-US server, then connect to the poker server of your choice. Be sure not to use your US-based credit card to fund or to withdraw funds!