Online Poker Guides For First Timers

If you are new to poker, or inexperienced then you probably are using the Web to seek out poker guides and articles in an effort to improve your game. It’s a natural thing to do; we all want to improve our game. Here is my tip for the new or inexperienced poker players – be careful about what poker articles you are reading and trusting. They could end up costing you allot of money.

For example, I read an article recently titled “How to play pocket queens in early position” and the author specified in the very first line that this article addressed strategies for either a cash game or a poker tournament. At the end of the article the authors recommended strategy for this hand was to move all-in. That was horrible advice so I wrote him an email inviting him to my home game. (Hey, I need the money.)

Here is my advice on poker articles on the internet. Take it or leave it. When you are first starting to learn the game, stick to known poker authors and poker sites. Stay away from the unknowns until you have some experience and feel that you have a pretty good understanding about the basics of the game. I know this seems like weird advice coming from someone who fits the unknown poker guy category, but trust me and one day you will thank me. Also, I would recommend playing online poker games as a practice like judi online terpercaya. This website will definitely allow you to become a great player.

To find some good resources ask good players what they read or what sites they visit. Try out well established poker forums like 2+2 which is moderated.

Once you have a good grasp of poker basics you will be able to decide for yourself what authors are offering good logical advice, and which authors are not.

An easy way to spot potentially bad information is lack of hand or table details. Referring back to the pocket queens’ article, the author never mentioned how many poker chips you had, how many chips your opponents had or the types of poker players that were left to act behind you. Red flags were everywhere.

If that article contained more details, such as – “you are in a tournament and have only ten times the big blind left in your stack”, then pushing with the queens is a good strategy. If you have a super stack (over 30 times the big blind) then raising four to five times the blind is a better move.

Here is a short list of some good solid poker sites and blogs for you to check out:

TwoPlusTwo Poker forum 

Poker forum sponsored by Two Plus Two Publishing. Two Plus Two are publish books on poker and gambling topics by authors such as David Sklansky, Mason Malmuth, and Dan Harrington just to name a few. 

Discussion forum for cards games such as poker. The forum contains topics such as Poker Strategy, Poker News and Playing Poker.

CardSharp Poker Blog 

This poker blog is by Wayne Vinson. Yes, he is “unknown” but this guy knows his poker. Though he has not posted a new article here in five months there is a ton of good information here.

Daniel Negreanu’s Poker Blog 

Do I need to say more? Many pro’s keep blogs. You can search for your favorite players name and blog to find them. Example: “Mike Matusow Blog”

Best of luck to you at the tables!