Losing Money Playing Texas Hold’em?

Many poker players make novice mistakes on the felt. By remembering to avoid 5 key mistakes, players can gain an edge over most of their opponents resulting in tremendous bankroll impacts.

  1. Wide Range of Starting Hands

Beginners often call too many hands and see the flop more often than experienced players. Calling too often is described as being loose. When loose players enter pots with inferior hands, they are less likely to win. In order to make yourself more efficient with this, you can also hone your poker skills on Pkv Games .

  1. Over-bluffing

Bluffing is a powerful tool when used correctly to win pots with bad cards. Most weak poker players call too much anyway, so bluffing is not effective. Playing a straightforward, aggressive game when you have a good hand is the best strategy.

  1. Calling Station

Folding or betting is the preferred strategy, but do not call all the time. By betting or raising, your opponents are given an opportunity to fold. Bet aggressively to develop your image as a poker shark. If you are a calling station, opponents will think you are a fish.

  1. Pay Attention

Many players don’t even bother noticing other players’ betting habits. Pay attention to your opponents. Is one player a calling station? Don’t bluff against them. If a player bets too much, fake weakness and trap him for all his chips. The more you observe, the more information you find out on your opponents that you can use against them.

  1. Avoid Common Tells

A tell is a mannerism or behavior that can be used to figure out an opponent’s cards. If a player looks away from the table and acts uninterested, watch out for a strong hand. A player looks at a flop for too long when drawing to a straight or flush. Covering your mouth is also a sign of bluffing. Tells vary from person to person and are often unique. Avoid displaying these tells or your opponents will figure you out. For more information on tells, books are available are local libraries on the topic alone.

Texas Hold’em is an advanced game, but easy enough to be learned by anyone. By using this simple strategy, the average poker can be crushed, but don’t expect to play at the World Series of Poker just yet. Books, online forums, and experience are the best way to advance your game even further.