How Can I Promote My Android Game?

Android is one of the best operating systems. It has been ranked number one amongst all the other operating systems. It covers at least fifty percent of the smartphones around the world. Android is the best platform to invest and build an app or a game for the same reason.

Planning to launch your own android game? Worried about the promotion? In that case we could help you out with the promotion bit. We have some very useful and beneficial tips for you on promoting your android game.

  • Contact the Publishers

Contacting a publisher and signing with them might not be your first preference – and that is completely understandable. A publisher is actually a developer who is successful and has the advantage of growing players. This advantage is somewhat a disadvantage for you as they will take half your income as well. The pros of contacting publishers are that you will be able to show your project and work on its development based on the responses. This information is extremely important for you to know before releasing the game.

  • Prepare For Beta Version and Soft Launch

Launching an advanced beta version will help you to work on your project better. You will have a better understanding of your game. You will also be able to make changes as per the suggestion of the Beta testers, journalist and influencers. You can release your project in a constraint budget for your critics, before you launch the game globally.

  • Run Campaigns on Social Media

Running ad campaigns on social media is one of the best cost effective ways of promoting your game. For example, you must have come across pop up ads, in your social media accounts that say download pkv games, which is an online gambling game. Clicking on the ad will directly take you to the downloading options. You can do the same thing with your new gaming app and spread the world about it.