Casino Champion The Early Steps To Success

A casino champion is not one who takes everything the casino has to offer, a casino champion is someone who takes all they can, in either winning or losing situations. In winning they take the gratitude and the fortune and in losing, they take the experience and learning.

The road ahead will be long and at times, displeasing, but if you’re willing to dedicate yourself to this line of work. Then when things are going well, money will seem to appear out of thin air, the true reward for successful gambling.

I have outlined some early steps that need to be taken, by this I mean the basic knowledge required for the makings of a true champion of the gambling age. If you take each of these, build an experience around them, add your own touch and apply them. Then you’ll one day enter the top bracket of asianbandar players, and they’re the guys who make the money.

OK then, here they are, each one can be observed at a far deeper level, however, we will brush across them briefly so you are familiar with their call signs.


Common human behavior exists within all of us yet is hardly used at all in gambling. Discipline is the most important aspect of gambling, hence the reason we’re discussing it first. It is the iron rod of your future career and must therefore never be forgotten. You can accumulate a bankroll in excess of thousands of dollars and bring in great profits at an hourly rate, but forget discipline and that money will just disappear faster than a chicken in a KFC parking lot.

Why is discipline important? it’s important because successful gambling relies upon pattern and percentage, you will learn over time to devise routines in order to make money. Each routine will be strictly centered around certain amounts of money. Sticking within them is the golden ticket, as you will grow to know which numbers work for you. After finding your percentage methods, you’ll begin to walk the road to riches. Though be careful of greed as this will persuade you to chase higher stakes and larger profits. It will therefore be a discipline that will guide you away from temptation, hopefully.

A great way to practice discipline is that when you’re first starting out to become a successful gambler, only input a certain amount of money each work. At first when you’re finding ground, no doubt you’ll encounter a shaky start and lose a little bit, it happens, it has to happen.

So then, imagine if you can control the money when you’re losing, what you can do with that control when you’re winning. This is the power of discipline and it should be the first learning curve you experience.

Bankroll Management

Second is good bankroll management which is directly fed from the discipline mentality you’ll eventually possess. A good bankroll is one that sustains your hobby of gambling and also brings in some earnings with it. It has the potential to sustain gambling during losing situations and has the ability of financial growth in winning ones.

A way to begin to understand the importance of bankroll is to practice this management. The most common and also a favorite is the ten percent ruling. Therefore betting no more than ten percent of your bankroll in any game and then single bets are ten percent of that amount.

Start getting used to the idea of precise bankroll management, because one day your bankroll will be enormous and will require managing for sure. So get your skills polished off in the early days, you’ll thank them later on.

If you can effectively manage a $20.00 bankroll and turn it into $25.00 in a couple of hours, think about what you can do with a $1000.00 bankroll over a lifetime.

Trust me, this is worth learning.

Betting Consistency and Strategy

Something that will become more popular with you in the future, yet strategy is worth mentioning in the early stages to any potential whizz kid of the gambling age. Strategy is not a mathematic miracle, nor is it a sure tool for winning. It is an individual characteristic that can be applied in gambling, it’s a routine if you like. Anyone can make one up, everyone does at some stage and all can be different.

As you grow into the bigger shoes of a titan casino champion, you’ll begin to understand betting patterns and consistency and learn how to use them effectively.

They are pocket power in all their glory, and in certain times when all else is failing, you’ll be able to get out these babies and increase your firepower against the house.

Don’t worry about strategy at this moment, but some are simple and you’ll be using them in a matter of hours when your handling of the game is starting to warm up.

Results and Situation Management

This one is my fourth and final inclusion for your early steps towards casino success. Gamblers who have gambled their lifetimes are still unaware of this basic credential. Often overlooked and heavily ignored, situation management over results is a powerful tool for any casino king.

Knowing how to handle the outcome regardless of winning or losing is important, most people can deal with a jackpot fairly well, however, when things tilt the other way, it can open up a serious can of worms. Losing brings out the desperation of the majority, which leads to poor decisions, anger, and overspending. Three personal favorites of the casino.

You must now take a step back and think about both situations carefully, when you win, enjoy the moment, and secure your profits, when you lose, apply observation immediately. Think about what has happened, go over your results, are you due a downswing, was there something you could have done differently, are you betting too much in the first place. There are many avenues easily avoided and sometimes all it takes is pausing for thought.

Loss does not have to be the end of the world, just merely a negative moment in a system that is readily entitled to giving them out.