Benefits Gained From Talking To Casino Security Guards

When the average person thinks about a casino security guard, they think about a person that is there to keep the casino safe from people that might try to take advantage of the establishment. For those of us that are regulars in casinos (especially those of us that know how to reap the most rewards from a casino) look at casino security guards differently. We know that there are many benefits that can be gained from talking to a casino security guard. Which is why you can always get to know the guards of your favorite casino. Although, if you are not much of a talker then you can also try which is an online casino that you can try and avoid all the unnecessary hassle that you don’t like.

First off, one must remember that casino security guards know the property better than anyone else in the casino (usually). If you are lost in a casino, or can’t find your way around, look for a casino security guard. They will be glad to help you find your way.

Newer slot machines are usually among the loosest in the entire casino (read this). Often, casino security guards will know where the newest slot machines are in a casino and will be happy to direct you to one of them.

Casino security guards usually have an idea about every aspect of the property that they watch over. Chances are good that they know if a club attached to the property is worth waiting in line for, what the best items on the menu are at the casino’s restaurants, and what time to get into line at their top show. This is information that very few other casino workers will keep track of.

Did you know that you can have casino security escort you for free? While not there to follow you around during your entire stay, casino security guards will escort you to your room or to your car if you feel uncomfortable. I have had a casino security guard escort me up to my room after a very large hit in Las Vegas. Some will even wait outside your door as you place items (like money) into your safe.

While some casino websites do not mention anything about tipping security, I always suggest it. If you are asking a casino security guard for directions, it would be appropriate to hand them a dollar or two. If you are asking them for information on the casino, I suggest that you hold a five-dollar bill in your hand while asking them )and then hand it over once you have your info). If they are escorting you for safety, ten dollars for each guard is very thoughtful.

Remember, though, pay attention to the casino security guard before you ask him or hear anything. If a casino security guard is trying to pay attention to a patron for security reason, or taking someone down, they will not be as free with the information. Remember, a casino security guard is there to keep the property safe.