Anonymous Poker Series To Be Held Next Year In Asia By Bodog

The Bodog Group, one of the reputed poker operators in the gambling industry, released a press statement that declared a forthcoming Anonymous Poker Series. The series will run the whole year long and include online and live events. Bodog was launched in 1994 by Calvin Ayre and has since garnered acclaim from players and industry pundits alike for providing some of the best real money gambling and gaming entertainment. Understanding of features and options at Kerahoki site is essential for the playing of the games. You can check the level of support and entertainment at the platform. The earning of real money is possible for the players. The chances of winnings are high for the gamblers at the site. 

Although the company is based in London, United Kingdom, there are several branches across the world. In addition, there are several skins which operate on the Bodog license, such as Bovada Casino. The company has always maintained that customer satisfaction is the goal and this latest announcement of a year-long poker series is a testament to its commitment.

Poker Series to be Asia-Centric; Grand Final to be Held in 2014

According to the details of the press statement, the Anonymous Poker Series will be extremely Asia-Centric. Recently, Bodog announced that it is shifting focus to the South-East Asian markets and will leave several European ones. The poker series in 2013 will be one of the best strategies to build a brand name in that part of the country.

Bodog had earlier stated that the Asian markets have been ignored by most of the gaming operators. The UK-based company has realized the significance of this extremely diverse market as compared to others and has decided to set up shop here. Bodog has even gone as far as to announce that it will now be devoting most of its time and money to develop business in these markets.

Asian players will find the year-long poker series to be extremely fun and challenging not just because it will have the anonymous aspect, but also because of the $100,000 grand final which will be held in January 2014, in Manila, Philippines. This is one of the biggest poker series ever organized by the Bodog Group.

Absence of Leaderboard to Highlight Leisure Players’ Gaming Experience

The concept of anonymous players is not new to Bodog. The player concept has been used extensively on Bovada Casino and other skins on the Bodog network. As the payers can remain anonymous, the series will not include leaderboard rankings that are the norm in such tournaments.

Although the concept is being used far ad wide by Bodog, it has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the main benefits of the anonymity concept is that the games will be fairer. This will be a major boost for the common player and the gaming experience will be enhanced.

It is said that sophisticated software is being used by poker professionals to leech money off of customers to win. The anonymous player concept will make this impossible. According to top officials at Bodog Poker Network, this is one factor that will play in its favor when it launches the series in Asian markets.

‘Trust-Factor’ Crucial for Asian Players – Bodog Network MD

Every market has its own uniqueness and Asia is one of the most diverse of the lot. The Asian market is extremely particular when it comes to choosing a specific gaming operator. Unless the brand has an impeccable reputation, chances are that it will not fare well in Asia.

This is precisely the reason why the upcoming poker series will include the anonymous player concept. According to the Managing Director of the Bodog Poker Network, Jonas Odman, the poker series has been designed keeping in mind the sensibilities of the Asian players.

For them, trust is an inherent factor which plays a crucial role in opting for a real money poker operator. Odman compares the regular poker tournaments to the Anonymous Poker Series just as how RNG operators are disfavored to Live Dealer casinos. The Managing Director is confident that Asian players will instantly connect and opt for this poker series model.

Select Players from Series to be Specially Invited by Bodog for Grand Final in Manila

Bodog has included an interesting twist to the series by announcing that special poker players who have performed exceedingly well in 2013 will receive special invitations to the Grand Final held in the subsequent year. This is an enormous opportunity for players to win a share of a massive $100k prize pool.

Information about the 2013 Anonymous Poker Series will be released within the first few weeks of January. With this series, the Bodog Group has proved that it, in fact, is going to go all out to create a niche for itself in the Asian markets. To concentrate on its current endeavor, the group has practically shut down operations in other countries and transferred the player accounts to another network. This move came as a surprise to several industry experts as well as the thousands of players who wagered real money on the Bodog Poker Network.