An In Depth Look At Fat Bet Poker

Fat Bet Poker made the decision that it wasn’t enough to be the premier backgammon company, they wanted to make that claim in the world of online poker as well. They have extensive gaming experience in nine languages, no less, which gives you a clue about their efforts to exclude no one from their gaming community. The Melita Gaming Network is their backer and since this is the network that is the original real money online backgammon company, Fat Bet is definitely in the gaming forefront. Fat Bet is owned and managed by TMG Ltd, and all are keeping the focus on a high level of customer service and satisfaction. If you want the satisfaction of the requirements, then you should play at the poker online site. The customer service at the games for the beginners is excellent. You need to learn about the games and their rules to have a pleasant experience on the online site. The meeting of the winning needs is possible for the players. 

The software is a piece of cake to download and allows players to engage in up to twelve tables of poker simultaneously to bring out the beast in you multi-table wizards. The application opens to a sweet latest news bubble which is really fun and informative. The screen layout is clean and elegant allowing players to learn their way around without difficulty so they can delve into everything the site has to offer.

The tools drop menu has many things to head for such as the free discounts options and the Show Poker Statistics that is very informative. Add to this the player table window which puts a flag of the player’s country of residence on each player so you know where he came from. Backgammon is right in front so it easy to locate and easy to join in a game. There is nothing not to like about Fat Bet.

There are only around 1,000 players on the site at any given time and all monetary denominations are in Euros giving it a true international ambience. The cash games start at E0.01/E0.02 and go up to E5/E10. You will find here no limit holdem, Omaha and stud and seven card stud hi-lo. The play money and real money tables can be toggled through by a mouse click in a box at the lower left corner of the viewing screen so the games are easily discernible.

There are also sit-n-gos and tournaments hosted on Fat Bet Poker with tournament buy ins at E0.50 all the way up to E25. If you are after some variety, mosey on over to the backgammon games with a simple click of the mouse. You will find backgammon matches, single games, sit-n-gos and tournaments here. Well, of course you will, this company is the pioneer and king of online backgammon play for real money. You might even run across the world-famous player Gus Hansen, name and face disguised of course. Along with the poker and backgammon, the special promotions and bonus programs keep everybody coming back for more

Free money, you say? No way! Well, you will find it at Fat Bet Poker in its program The Daily Buy In Giveaway which awards E25 randomly throughout the day to any player on the site. There are also guaranteed tournaments and lucrative reload bonuses for its players to add to all the other features that this company utilizes to reward its gaming community.

Players also really go for the races at Fat Bet Poker with lots of player point races going on all day. The object is to race for a share of the cash using the points earned for playing real money cash games. No matter your fancy, you will always find a game here and someone to play with.

The company is licensed and regulated by the Lotteries & Gaming Authority in Malta. You can be sure with this that Fat Bet Poker has its players best interests at heart with appropriate and adequate gaming supervision and the assurance of fair game play. There is 24 hour live support and email service offered on the site so no player’s questions will go unanswered or issues unresolved, and all will be dealt with promptly and courteously. The software uses the OppenSSL project to further ensure player privacy and security.

The player community is not large, but it is dedicated and fun loving. There are some awesome sign up packages to make joining Fat Bet Poker a sound choice. It’s not everywhere that you have the option of playing 12 tables of poker at once and then chase that with a game of backgammon.