Webkinz – Buy Online or Off?

There’s no doubt about it – Webkinz is a popular product. Kids and adults alike have jumped on the bandwagon, collecting tons of pets and other fun accessories such as clothing, trading cards, and other fun collectible items. What’s more, everyone has found a daily source of entertainment. Really it’s one of the best toys out there for kids right now – not only is it entertaining and safe internet play, but it teaches responsibility as well since there is so much that must be done every day to get the most out of Webkinz World.

There’s also no shortage of Webkinz both online and off. Even the retired pets aren’t so hard to find, and with over a hundred different pets to collect, finding several that are special to your child (or yourself!) are easy to get. So which is better? Buying offline or online? Let’s look at the facts that are mentioned below to learn more about Webkinz. Moreover, you can also check out Agen BandarQ that offers you online games that are quite similar to Webkinz so that you can enjoy a different version of your favorite game. 

Shipping Costs

The most obvious of the pros of buying a Webkinz at a local store is there aren’t shipping costs attached, which can be a real pain in some cases. Depending on the store and where you buy online, you could be spending quite a bit more online just to buy a pet or two. That is, of course, assuming you are paying full price for the Webkinz, to begin with.


Not every place offline even offers Webkinz, even though they are extremely popular. Even if they do, sometimes the selection is not so great and picked over. Even though it’s been mentioned that there are over a hundred different pets, sometimes a store only offers 10 or so. Which this might be good if you are just starting your collection or just need one.

Cost of Pet

Despite the shipping costs, sometimes buying your Webkinz from trusted stores online can save you quite a bit of money. Many pets you’ll find on online stores will be cheaper even including the shipping versus a flat rate price in stores. Online stores also offer other items as well, such as clothes, trading cards, and other items your local stores might not offer. (See Listing of Webkinz Stores Online here).

What it comes down to is your need for Webkinz, and how large you want to grow your collection. If you are only wanting one and don’t really care what it is, buying online might be a better option. If you are looking for a rare pet or one that’s been retired and in high demand, you might be better off looking offline since prices don’t vary so much in a regular store offline.