Texas Hold’em Tips for a Beginner to Beat a Pro

I am assuming that you know the basic rules for Texas Hold’em Poker. I am only a beginner, but I often go up against poker professionals on FREE online sites. Usually I play Poker Palace via Facebook or Myspace. I have been broke on Poker Palace, and I have won over 2 million dollars multiple times. My wins and my losses have taught me these valuable lessons that I want to share with you, the beginner. Please never play poker using my tips with real money. I am no poker guru. If you think I’m wrong about one of my tips or want to add your own, leave me a comment. I’m a humble amateur, but I love Texas Hold’em. What’s your professional Poker opinion?

It is not that I don’t like other forms like Poker and Blackjack but the thing is that Texas Hold’em is like my lucky number where I tend to win most of time unlike the other two although I do play few rounds of poker online terpercaya every now and then. Let us look at some important terms:

First, here are a fewTexas Hold’em vocabulary terms that you need to know:


the two cards a player is dealt face-down.


the first three cards dealt face-up to everyone


the fourth card dealt face-up


the fifth and final card dealt face-up


all the cards dealt face-up


a card you need to be dealt on the board to improve your hand

Here is what I figured out from my Texas Hold’em experience:

-Don’t let people sucker you into “All In” hands unless you are holding pocket AA.

-Don’t go “All In” before the flop unless you are almost broke and no longer care if you loose.

-If you are confident in your hand, but someone else keeps raising, let them raise. After the River card is played and you know you own the pot, then you can raise that fool as much as you want.

-Never “chase” a straight on the flop if you have less than four cards in a row.

-Don’t chase a straight after the flop if the out you need is in the middle–that’s called a “gutshot” and will probably lose you money. Example: You have 9, 10, Q, K and need a J.

-It’s okay to chas

-Never chase a flush on the flop if you only have three of a suit.

My golden rule (actually a combo of rules that go together) that some rich jerk once told me and I wish I could follow better is this–Never call if all you have is a pair or a high card–have at least two pair. Never raise unless you have at least 3 of a kind or better–two pair is not good enough to raise. When I follow that one tip, the others I mentioned above just fall into place. When I don’t follow that golden rule, I go broke fast. It’s usually from chasing straights.