Poker source Famed As Being A Legendary Poker Website

Poker source previously known as poker source online has been a famous website and has gained a lot of popularity in the previous years. The website gained popularity back in 2004 when it started its operations on eBay where it used to give away free poker games and chips in exchange for online poker signup. As time passed it gained fame and became the most popular poker website. At first, the choices offered by the website were minimal but with vast growth in their member the site, the offers were then transformed. This also leads to the rise in popularity of similar sites such as situs bandarq online.

At first poker source worked in an association with some other poker websites and the gifts provided to the users was only a set of 300 poker chips with a choice of free poker book, but later on, poker source built their own domain and made their own promotion from a new beginning. Poker source merged their free poker money website into their main domain with the instant bankroll. The rake back website was also merged with poker source, that helped poker source to gain a much larger share in popularity and became the most favorite and most visited website by the online poker players as this became the only source which provided all kind of promotions and stuff all in one place. Later on, 20 more new online poker rooms were added to the domain, as the number of new members signup was at a high pace.

Poker source also made it more accessible for its users to get and select from a huge selection of free poker gifts that could be purchased via the poker source point’s store.

Testimonials from members

Dina Candy(a beginner)

According to her poker source is a great website to play it, being a new player means you don’t have much money to spend over, she says on poker source if you breakeven and are not left with more money to spend, you still get a chance to make money.


He has been playing online poker for almost the last 7 years and according to him, poker source is the most reliable poker website when compared to others on the same platform. He said the promotions and offers they provide are much more than that of other poker websites and most importantly they are true over what they say to provide. He opted to use the website by seeing their advertisement and was amazed to see the same services he obtained as was mentioned in the advertisement. According to him, it is the most recommended site for all level poker players, if you foresee to get a true value of promotions.


He classified his poker experience on poker sources as being fun, reliable, and comfortable. It is an awesome site to make your poker passion more intense. It is the best-considered site to boost the bankroll. The promotions and packages offered by this site are a must to have and most exciting ones in this poker world.