Play Bingo Online for Real Money at Housie Sites with PayPal

Forget about offline bingo. Forget about slow games, frantic ticket-dabbing and dreary bingo halls. These days, the action is online, because thanks to improving internet connections, bigger and better graphics and more feature-rich sites and games, there has never been a better time to enjoy bingo, or a better way, What’s more, you don’t even need to give your credit card or debit card details to these sites, as you can just use PayPal. Additionally, there’s Interwin slot a reputed gaming site that provide players with multiple payment options making online gaming really convenient for them. 

This is perfect for casual players and for hardcore players. For the casual ones, you can make a single deposit, one that is within your budget, and you can play for as long as you are able. If you lose it all, you know it is a good time to stop. If you win, you can use some of those winnings to shop online, to pay a bill, or to do any of the other things that PayPal lets you do.

For the hardcore players, PayPal is the perfect way to store your bankroll in one place, before using this on as many gambling sites as you please. But where are the best online games, and where are the online casinos that accept PayPal? Well, if you’re up for a game of bingo, or “Housie”, then read on.

Spin Palace

As one of the oldest online casinos in the world. Spin Palace has an unparalleled reputation, and that reputation is global. In fact, although Spin Palace is based in Malta, where it is also regulated, it is at its biggest and most popular right here in Australia. We Aussies just can’t seem to get enough of it, which is why Spin Palace now caters for Aussies directly, offering Australian-only payment services like POLi, as well as an Australian website.

And because Spin Palace uses the Microgaming software, it is not short of options when it comes to bingo. In fact, Microgaming is by far the biggest and the longest-running developer out there, with instantly recognizable games like Mega Moolah and Double Exposure Blackjack helping to cement that reputation. Spin Palace will even give you a sizeable new member bonus to help you get off the mark. This comes bundled with a number of free spins, but bear in mind that you will have to use these on the pokies, as they can not be used on any of the bingo games mentioned below.

Spin Palace Bingo

When it comes to bingo games on Microgaming, and on Spin Palace, in particular, the pick of the bunch for us is a game known as Ballistic Bingo. This is actually based on a Latin American variant of the game, and it uses 3×9 cards, with options to buy multiple cards at the same time, as well as a Turbo option to help things along.

The odds on this game are what make it so appealing. These odds all depend on how many numbers you play, how many tickets you buy, and several other factors, but if you max out the numbers you can get a colossal return of 5,000x, yet the odds of doing so are several hundred times bigger than winning the lottery.

Of course, this is still unlikely, but there is a 0.75 chance of getting your money back by scoring lower numbers, and there is a decent chance of hitting a win between 100x and 500x as well, which is the most common “big win” in bingo.

Other Bingo Games

There are a few other bingo games on the Spin Palace casino, but none that surpass Ballistic Bingo, which is where you should focus your attention. There are also games of keno to play though, as well as other number games that are very similar to bingo.

Of all of these games, keno is the one that returns the highest odds, and it is also the only one that gives you a chance at winning a life-changing sum. This takes a lot to win, and you have to actually pay for it. Truth be told, although it’s a tempting amount, you’d be better off playing the lottery in this case. The same can’t be said for Ballistic Bingo, where the odds are very favorable, but the more money you aim for in Spin Palace Keno, the more ridiculously low your odds of winning become.