Online Gaming during a Recession_Best Guide to Online Casino Games

Online Gaming during a Recession The world of online gambling is normally a Billion Dollar Business with millions of online gamblers flocking to their favorite online casinos, poker room,  situs slot online or bingo hall. Gambling, whether online or at any land based casino like the ones you find in Las Vegas can take in millions of dollars a day from just slot players alone and this type of “big” money business has been generating this type of cash flow for decades.

But within the past couple of years the gambling industry, specifically “land based casinos” has seen a huge decline in the amount of income being generated at even their biggest and best casinos and this is all do to the recession that has hit world wide globally. But it’s a better story for “online gaming”, yes online gambling has felt the hit of the recession the past couple of years, but no where’s near as hard as the Vegas type casinos. This has got to be because of the savings a gambler can achieve by not traveling, spending money on gas or food by just doing there gambling at home! When gambling online your food is free, your drinks are free, you do not need to spend extra cash on gas, car maintenance or hotel rooms. So all that extra money is saved money and you are still able to enjoy gambling at some of the very best casinos right from your favorite living room chair.

Gambling at home has become a huge pastime for many gamblers and with a recession going on these same gamblers who used to spend all their time at land based casinos are now finding out how online gaming is cost effective and still enjoyable. Now land based casinos including Las Vegas giants like Harrah’s and Caesars’ Palace have not over looked how their casinos are taking a huge hit during this time, but online casinos are only suffering minimally in comparison. So with that in mind, these casino giants are now entering the online casino business with the hopes of giving online casinos some competition for their past loyal players. Harrah’s Casino has now opened their own online poker room and plans to open their own online casino are also in the making. Caesar’s Palace has also opened an online casino with hopes of grabbing some of the billions of dollars that is still being generated in the online gaming industry despite of a recession.

Both of these gaming establishments are not available in the United States because of the “ban on online gaming” from the government bill called “UEIGA”, but soon that maybe overturned and the doors to USA gambling will be back in business and the online gaming world will explode with new money and high hopes! Now once the recession has run its course and the economy gets back to business I wonder what’s going to happen between these two gaming industries? Will Vegas style casinos reign supreme in the online gaming industry or will online players stay true and loyal to their old favorites of the online casino era? Only time will tell and I plan on being in the front row to see what unfolds in this battle of the gambling.