How To Be A Winner At Sports Betting

Sports betting is an intricate science in every sense of the word. Way beyond selecting one of two teams to cover a spread, it requires dedication to research, acute observation during exhibition games, control over your money in an effective money management program, and a refined approach to placing each and every wager. According to sports betting experts, any win percentage above 60% is exceptional, although most bettors fall into the 50-55% category. Shooting to win more than half your games is an amicable goal – in this comprehensive guide to winning at sports betting, you should hit that illustrious 60% in no time. With Judi Bola Online you can learn more about online and offline betting tips. You can easily master the art of betting and earn some serious money.

Our prowess as bettors and sportsbook enthusiasts can be bolstered by knowing the source. In order to win effectively, you must tap into the mind of a linesmaker. First and foremost, become acquainted with the rules of the game. Parlays, straight bets, teasers, and other gimmick bets all have their own rules and characteristics. Recognize the probabilities of winning each and every single bet: a nine game parlay (although if hit amounts to a lottery like win) will be most likely lost. Familiarize yourself with line movement in order to gain the slightest advantage: oddsmakers move their lines according to the public´s early selection and to encourage betting on both sides of the line in order to earn a profit. If you observe line movement, you will 1) know where the public is leaning, 2) realize the dynamics of each game, and 3) shop accordingly for the best lines. Speaking of shopping lines, that is crucial as well. A half point could mean the difference between a blown bank account and a trip to Disneyworld, so exercise savvy. The Pinnacle sportsbooks is well recognized for its ¨reduced juice¨ and bettor friendly lines, a result of keeping their operating costs down. With this information, wouldn´t you say your probability of winning bets has increased twofold?

Ever heard the phrase ¨practice makes perfect?¨ Although there is no way to practice betting once you wager, you can ¨paper trade¨ – which means betting without the use of real money. Test your betting research skills before placing your hand in the fire. By having the added security of not risking any money, you´ll gauge your own talent. Keep a win/loss tally – if you find yourself raking up consecutive winning streaks after another, place a real bet. Researching every team is impossible – spotting trends, knowing the statistical data of star players in comparison to the opposing team, keeping track of injuries, and knowing weather conditions requires daily or weekly research. A solid rule of thumb is to first bet on the sports you´re familiar with. If you´re a die hard Knick fan, you will already know that Jamal Crawford is out with a turf toe injury without conducting research – giving you the extra advantage. If you already know that Jamal Crawford and Stephon Marbury constitute one of the worst backcourts in the league facing the mega offense Phoenix Suns with 3 20+ points a game scorers, wouldn´t you jump at a Phoenix -2 line?

In order to win at sports betting, you must surround yourself with talent. Join online communities (in the form of online discussion boards) that have members who provide FREE betting advice day in and day out. On the message boards, there are certain registered members who have gained Veteran status. These special members do ¨write-ups¨ of select games of the day, chockful of analysis and thoroughly written reasons for their betting decisions. Read these carefully and acquaint yourself with their observation and research style. If his overall betting record for the NCAA season was 100-67 and he pays special emphasis on the playing styles of the teams (i.e. half court offenses, fast court break, triangle offenses) for OVER/UNDER purposes, wouldn´t you heed his words? Besides, by participating in an online betting community, you will make many friends and possible connections. They will provide you with better sound betting advice that the so-called professionals dish out. Having the right mindset is key to succeeding at sports betting. If professional gamblers have 60% winning percentages after conducting hours and hours of daily research, rest assured you won´t exceed this number throughout the course of 100 games bet. Realize that you will lose, and that money management is key. Without proper financial discipline, your betting will not pay dividends and you will be left nerve wrecked. Be smart, be savvy, and exercise proper caution. Stay on top of research and never bet hastily. By following all of the above tips, you will become a proud graduate of USB (University of Sports Betting.)