Changing The Face Of Online Gaming – Know about it

Online gaming is one of the most exciting industries in the world… so why are the vast majority of operators sites so damn boring?

There is a need to learn about the changing environment at slot online site. It will allow you to pick the best approach for the playing of the games. The winning is available in terms of real cash for the players. It is essential to collect the information about it for playing slot games. 

The way people use the web today has changed radically over the years: from a simple, flat, passive information source, “Web 1.0,” to a personalized, highly interactive, socially networked, rich-media driven source of entertainment, “Web 2.0.” Today, people are participating in Facebook, helping to build Wikipedia, sharing pictures on Flickr and watching videos on YouTube…. And yet our industry takes little note and even less action in recognizing and leveraging this change in how the web is consumed.

EGaming 2.0 is bringing the tenets of Web 2.0 to the online gaming industry. By creating new user experiences that are more entertaining, more relevant and more personalized, we’ll be meeting the expectations of today’s web surfers and introducing a new generation to the excitement of online gaming.

EGaming 2.0’s first site is the “supercasino” Buzzluck. Much as Steve Wynn’s Mirage shifted the focus (and the face and the fortunes) of Las Vegas from the “for gamblers only” Glitter Gulch of Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas (“Vegas 1.0”) to the far broader appealing, more entertaining Las Vegas Strip as we know it today (“Vegas 2.0”), Buzzluck Casino does more than simply deliver top-tier online casino games.

Buzzluck Casino is more entertaining. Enter the industry’s first online 3D lobby; you never know who you might see. Click on a passer-by and… it’s Tom Cruise! Batman! Elvis Presley! And they do their little shtick (“Show me the money!”) and they’re gone. The goal: in the Buzzluck Casino lobby, you never have the same experience twice—and you’ll want to visit again and again.

Buzzluck Casino is more relevant. Step into the industry’s first Live Lounge… and there’s live, interactive entertainment (think “Late Night with David Letterman”), talking with you about topics on your mind, combined with movie trailers, music videos and even “found clips” from around the web that amuse and amaze. And of course Buzzluck Casino promotions, winners, and contests. Chat with the MC, their guests or other players, contribute and vote on topics to be discussed, participate… and spend your off-table time interestingly engaged in our casino, not somewhere down the road.

And Buzzluck Casino delivers a more personalized casino experience. From its customizable navigation to its pro-active player development “hosts” who communicate with players through IM, Twitter, Facebook… however the player prefers. You interact with Buzzluck Casino the way you want to, in true Web 2.0 fashion, not as dictated by us.

With Buzzluck Casino, eGaming 2.0 is delivering a new, dynamic and exciting Web 2.0 experience, appealing to existing online casino players, but also opening the door, and the market, to a whole new generation of players with a new level of expectations.