Casinos In The Cincinnati Tri-State Area

Cincinnati is going to have its own casino in the next few years at Broadway Commons and there’s a lot of debate currently over whether this is or is not a good thing. At the moment, there are two casinos within easy driving distance for Cincinnati area residents (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana “tri-state” residents): Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg and Grand Victoria in Rising Sun, Indiana.

I’ve been to both casinos and, while Grand Victoria (sometimes called “Grand Vic”) is very nice and a lovely place, I can’t see enough difference to make it worth my while to drive an extra half hour or so to Grand Victoria when Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg is closer. Hollywood has been totally revamped in the last year or two and is a nice get away for a weekend or an evening. I am pleased that they are at last non-smoking as that was a huge issue in their early days. The haze of smoke over the casino floor was daunting at best.

The best buffet in the tri-state is clearly the one at the Hollywood Casino, hands down. They have peel and eat shrimp, a huge salad bar, lovely desserts and carved roast beef. My husband and I have dined there to celebrate our anniversary several times because it is just so good. On Wednesday and Friday nights, they feature a fantastic seafood buffet with crab legs and a variety of other seafood dishes and Saturdays feature steaks. Really good steaks. Other nights it’s prime rib. And lots of great sides and a huge variety of desserts. Even crepes made to order. Personally, I like the casinos better for their dining than I do their gambling options. I think that’s where they really shine and based on that, Hollywood has Grand Victoria beat.

For both casinos it is worth while to get a free member card — you get bonuses such as comps for meals if you play enough, contest entries and coupons for events, etc.

As for the gambling, all I’ve ever played are the slot machines and I haven’t had a great deal of luck. I think I came out about $15 ahead once and that was my best ever. I know people who play much higher stakes games and/or slots for higher amounts and they’ve done well but I never want to risk that much cash. I follow the “only bet what you can afford to lose” strategy and I usually can’t afford to lose much. If high stakes slots are your interest, my friends say they do better at Grand Victoria. I can’t say with any certainty though and this would be hard to prove or disprove.

There is nothing like a good situs judi online to surf through for various innovative tricks of the trade that you can find in gambling so therefore I would like to use my friends’ suggestion and try out at Grand Victoria to get a feel of the new atmosphere and how valid their proposed suggestion is.

One thing I noticed on a daytime visit that was a little alarming was the high number of obviously unwell senior citizens who were in the casino, many of whom where dragging portable oxygen tanks along with them. It would appear that gambling addiction strikes people of all ages.