Merging Of Online Casino Operators

Merging of Online Casino Operators

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As summarized; The online casino gambling industry is growing and developing rapidly and in terms of finances, this current year seems to be an impressive year. It has been predicted by some of the industry experts that 2011 will be the top choice for stock market investors.

The investor’s interest has been stimulated by the recent merger of several online casino companies. The enormous billion-dollar deals that have been created will be some of the largest online casino gambling operators in existence and proves that the industry is a safe bet on the stock exchange.

Today, other online casino companies in the industry are trying hard to make similar agreements. The perspective of joining with another company guarantee a bigger market share for online casino gambling operators and it also means that an additional source of funding can be provided by the stock market investors.

Online casino companies become more attractive to investors as it grows larger and larger and this is the right time to invest. It would be wise to purchase in online casino gambling companies that are on the approach of merging or expanding wherein the stock prices are still low.

Some online casinos that already undergo merging are Bwin and Party gaming and Sporting Bet and 888 are now on the go. Also involved in a reverse merger that took place recently between Split rock Ventures Limited and the New York-based Elray Resources Inc is Brian Goodman (an Australian online gambling operator). While casinos like qiu qiu online terpercaya are still going strong.

Elray informed the stock exchange that it had obtained 100% of the issued and outstanding shares of an online gaming company, Splitrock Ventures, Ltd.,

Goodman purchased a total of 600,000,000 shares of the company’s common stock in the acquisition agreement. As a result of which, the company experienced a change in control under which 91.3% of the shares of the company are now possessed by Goodman.

Elray announced that the new company would have more or less 650 million shares issued outstanding, however, the public float would remain at more or less 25 million or so.

Split Ventures Limited is involved in the online casino gambling business, including the operation of the,, and sites.