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Do Raspberry ketones help with weight loss?

Raspberries contain natural compounds that are similar to capsaicin and which are able to do a good job of regulating your metabolism. The compounds are known as raspberry ketone and are actually what are responsible for that great smell that the berries give off. While those compounds are often used to add scent to cosmetics, they are also effective in helping you look good as well as smell good. Tests performed on lab rats suggest that raspberry ketones are actually effective fat burners, which is why you now see them sold as weight loss supplements.

People looking to shed a few pounds, or who want to maintain their slender figure can do so with the help of raspberry ketones. Adding a raspberry ketone supplement into a healthy balanced diet can help you take off the excess weight that much quicker. Some of the best results seen so far are when the supplement is combined with a low fat, high protein diet. The positive weight loss results achieved by so many people has made raspberry ketone a very in demand product.

What the supplement does is raise the core temperature of the body, which in turn leads to the metabolism being increased. This allows your body to act as an incinerator of sorts for the calories that you take in, burning them off at an accelerated rate. The raspberry ketones will also table the fat that the body absorbs, helping you to lose excess weight in the process.

The rat study that we mentioned earlier was performed in Japan, with the animals fed a high fat diet in conjunction with the raspberry ketones. The end result was that the rats did not accumulate any fat during this period, proving that the supplement could indeed be an effective fat burner. As of yet there have been no human studies performed, but the real world results, complete with zero side effects, bear out the work done with the rats.

There is more to what raspberry ketones have to offer than just weight loss. Blood pressure can be kept at a healthy level, as can cholesterol and the amount of fat in the body. Antioxidants found in the compound are effective at battling free radicals, and the overall well-being of the cardiovascular system is maintained.

As you may have guessed by now, all of these benefits have helped launch the humble raspberry into the superfood category. The easiest way to get all the benefits provides by raspberries is through a supplement, with the recommended daily dosage falling in the 100mg to 300 mg range. Trying to get that amount from eating raspberries alone would be absolutely impossible. What you need to remember, though, is that as effective as raspberry ketones are at helping with weight loss, the supplement alone will not take off the pounds. You also need to maintain a healthy diet and some form of exercise to get the full benefits.

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